Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ship Model Display Case

Clear View Designs has been manufacturing museum quality glass display cases since 1985. We have made custom display cases for museums, antique stores, collectors of fine ship, train, and car models, sports memorabilia, dolls, many other fine collectible items.
All cases come with a choice of oak or mahogany wooden base. Each base is finished with a hand rubbed stain and protected with several coats of polyurethane. The glass top is made of 1/8" double strength glass with solid brass corners.
All display cases are custom made to order. Our unique shipping crates and packing techniques allow us to ship our cases complete and fully assembled.
Modelers understand the value of high-quality presentation. Clear View Designs display cases are designed and built with more visibility and better presentation than any kit.
Collectors love these dust proof wonders. They will keep your treasures safe and clean while on display at all times.
Museums have high standards for displaying their treasures. We understand these expectations and build all cases to a high standard.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ship Model Parts

We at Clear View Designs Will be offering wood parts for making small parts of ship models.
This will be coming soon.
Wood stock will include custom sizes and also standard sizes of mahogany, oak, pine
Sizes as
1/4 x 1/4 x 3ft
3/8 x 3/8 x 3ft
1/2 x 1/2 x 3ft
5/8 x 5/8 x 3ft
3/4 x 3/4 x 3ft
Other sizes and lengths available or can be made to your size needed.

Great for making cannons, blocks, spares, any smal wood part that you can turn or carve will work great.

Email us with your request and ideas at Photos of parts coming soon so stay tuned!

James Roggero
Clear View Designs

Friday, September 11, 2009


Taken Away

I heard a noise, to close to be,
Its a plane going by, to low for me
I turn to watch, as it flew over,
I covered my eyes, so not to see the horror
What I saw, could not be true,
My eyes have failed me, how about you
The tower was hit, but still standing tall,
A second plane hit, then came the fall
Screaming and crying, is all that I hear,
I needed to help, but I stood in fear
Family and friends , co- workers alike,
Taken away, in mid morning light
I will never forget, the feeling inside,
The moment I knew, All my friends had died
A moment of silence, up in heaven they wait,
For all the heroes that gave, their all on this date
James Roggero

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Art Of The Age Of Sail Web Site

Please check out our new friends at The Art of Age Of Sail

Ship models built with passion for discerning individuals who do not just buy a model but have one built for them!

At the Art of Age of Sail we focus on custom hand-building fine ship models and half-hulls which will enhance your decor at home, office or just about anywhere. Perfect for corporate gifts or as an always appreciated gift for the yachting enthusiast. A model ship will also make an attractive addition to any restaurant, marina, yacht club or lobby.All ship models are hand-made at our studio/workshop in Whitby Ontario, Canada from fine wood materials such as birch, mahogany, maple, oak, pear, teak and walnut. Sails are hand-sewn and aged, hulls are either solid, plank-on-frame or bulkhead construction. The ships are stained, painted and/or varnished to protect your ship model for decades to come. Think of us as a miniature shipyard ready to research, design and build that ship or boat with special significance or aesthetic value.

We use Computer Aided Design technology (CATIA, AutoCAD and ComputerVision) to design the scaled replica hull and a host of other features, to assure authentic and accurate models. Not unlike the way ships are designed and engineered today and this enables us to do prototyping of motor-yachts, sailing-yachts and other modern vessels. We have over 20 years of experience in design engineering.
Even though we can provide you with a model which looks like it left the dockyards yesterday, such as our USS Constellation or modern yachts, we specialize, through weathering techniques and the creative use of oil-paints, pastels and stains, in creating the illusion of a ship which has survived horrendous storms and epic voyages. This is not easily achieved, but an art-form we strive to perfect. Our Gouden Leeuw and HMS Endeavour are prime examples. In this respect we feel that the Art of Age of Sail is rather unique and we hope you'll share our vision that the over-all visual realism is as important as historic accuracy.

Our 'Samples' section has some typical examples of classic and historic tall ships. Use this only as a guide, as we encourage you to talk to us about what it is you're looking for. It may be the HMS Surprise (Master and Commander), the Deliverance (Bahamas), a Chinese junk, an Arabian dhow, an ancient Greek galley or a scale model of your yacht you're interested in. The possibilities are endless.Please feel free to visit our extensive Age of Sail ship & shipbuilding terminology database, we've taken great care in being accurate, or visit our history section, with bits and pieces of historical information and literature of interest to the Age of Sail enthusiast. We hope you stay a while and enjoy our web-site, and if there's anything we can do for you, your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome and much appreciated.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Abordage Models

New display cases for Abordage models. Please check them out at
Each case is custom built to your model size, this way our case fits your model perfectly!
Orders are now being taken. Please visit us at for your display case qutoe today! When you visit abordage models please tell them you would like a quote on a Clear View Dsigns display case like you see in this photo.
Make sure to follow us on

The Ictineo II

The Ictineo II was invented by Narcis Monturiol (1864 Barcelona, Spain) to help coral divers with their dangerous work. It was the first real submarine, which actually was far ahead of its time. It displayed a lot of features, which we are used to see in modern submarines today, such as for example a double pressure hull, engines operating under water, and regeneration of the air to allow its crew to survive once the ship was submerged. It used 2 steam engines. The one cylinder engine in the rear of the submarine was used for under water navigation. In that case the water in the boiler was heated by a chemical reaction, which besides heat also generated oxygen. This actually allowed the Ictineo II to stay submerged for hours. The 2 cylinder engine in the front of the ship served for surface navigation. Under these conditions the water in the boilers was heated by burning coal. The coal was stored in the container in front of the conning tower. When running on the surface the two air intakes (two vertical pipes) were opened to ensure the air supply. The Ictineo II was designed for peaceful under water missions. The model shows the ship equipped with a coral catcher (spear-like apparatus plus basket mounted on the very front) designed to collect corals under water.

Building the model took me approximately 9 years. This was not so much due to the degree of difficulty of the model but rather due to my ongoing lack of time for modeling. Please feel free to use the images (and/ or the above model information) in your web blog section. I agree, the model really looks good in your display case!

Best regards,


Friday, May 15, 2009

Clear View Designs and Abordage Models Team Up

Starting this summer Clear View Designs will be providing Abordage Models with our line of custom ship model display cases. "We are very pleased to be supplying our display cases to their United States customers. With a great devotion to both the sea and sailing, Abordage has been proudly producing beautifully hand crafted models since the company’ inception in 1989. The company workshop is located on the Island of Hispaniola where Columbus landed during his first voyage. Today the company employs highly skilled craftsmen who work only with the finest materials. Hundreds of hours go into making each model, from the original lofting of plans to the finishing touches. Hull construction is either hand laid-up resin or plank on bulkhead with a selection of precious wood. Deck details are reproduced with custom-made brass and chromed brass castings. Hand sanded hulls are finished with marine varnishes and polyurethane paint.

Clear View Designs sent a sample case for their inspection and appoval, which they loved! As they are updating their web site they will be adding photos of our case with one of their models inside. A sure match made for each other. We look forward to working with them and their customers in the near future.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If your here looking around for info on a custom built glass and brass display case for your model you have come to the right place! Please check out our full web site at

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