Saturday, April 26, 2008

Custom Glass And Brass Display Cases

Welcome to my new blog on custom model display cases. Here you can check out our ship model displays, train displays and more. Just about any item you would like to keep safely on display and dust free at all times.

We, here at Clear View Designs, build custom glass and brass display cases of all types of collectables. We do not have any stock sizes or a price list as there is nothing stock about the custom built model going into our cases. So we build each case to the specifications of your collectible. We want your item to fit our display case perfectly. This way your model or item will not look lost or cramped in side the display case.

We have been in business since 1985. We have a great reputation in the model display case industry. We are the only custom ship model display case company that will ship real and completely assembled glass tops! Every case comes complete and fully assembled. With your choice of oak or mahogany wood base, 1/8 double strength glass top and solid brass angle on all outside edges of the glass top as seen on our web site

Each case will be shipped in its own reusable wood crate for full protection. Every shipment is fully insured as well. Our crates are reusable.

Review our blog listing concerning the many uses our customers have come up with for reusing our 1/2 plywood crates. Some customers have donated them to animal shelters to be used as homes for wild animals for winter time cover. Some have used them for doghouses and painted them to look great in the yard. They just tip the crate over and cut a doorway into it and they have a great doghouse or cathouse if the crate is a small one. You too can upload pictures of your creative uses for our crates.

Also, if you have a ship model or project your working on please feel free to upload your photos and your story to our blog listing concerning customer projects. Because we only build display cases we don't get to see every model in our display cases.

So glad you found us here and please find us here again some how as I have not yet figured out how to locate this blog on any search engine yet. But Google says that this blog will show up on their searches. Until then keep us in your favorite places or bookmark us. If you do find us please tell us how you found us and where you found us.

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