Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SD Model Makers

Visit the CEO of Newport News, the chief of the U.S. Navy, the Pentagon, the Smithsonian or the White House and you will see examples of SD Model Makers models on display. Whether it is a military ship, an ocean liner, a LNG tanker or your own pride and joy- be it a sailboat or power yacht, the SD Model Makers craftsmen can make them all, with incredible attention to detail and museum quality workmanship.

Our Specialty - Custom Made Models of private vessels
Let us create a replica model of YOUR Boat
ANY Boat - Power Boats, Sailboats or Mega Yachts

We also offer fully assembled display models of:Naval. Warship Models -ANY Size or ANY Scale -ANY Country or Time Period
Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Minesweepers, PT Boats, Submarines and more!
US Coast Guard Cutter and Boat Models
Ocean Liner Models – Titanic, Normandie, Queen Mary, Andrea Doria, and more!
Commercial Vessels - Tugs, Tankers, Freighters, Oil Rigs and more!
Tall Ship Models - HMS Bounty, USS Constitution and more!
Model sizes start at 12 inches. After reviewing our collection, contact us to request a quote for the specific vessel and model size, or scale desired. Free Shipping in the continental United States.

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